Lester B. Pearson International Careers Program

The Lester B. Pearson International Career Programs is an innovative English institution in the metropolitan city of Montreal. Recruiting students from around the globe, the college provides a wide range of programs in various domains for students looking to succeed in a global workforce. Trained faculty provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to excel in their chosen field. Nestled in the heart of the city, the scenic campus offers students the
opportunity to engage with classmates outside the classroom through artistic activities, athletic events and diverse campus happenings. At the Pearson International Career Programs, learning is not just

Accounting (1 Year) (DEP) 135012
Administrative Professional (DEP) 148513
Aesthetics (DEP) 135013
Assistance in Health Care Facilities (DEP) 7506 – 8
Automobile Mechanics (DEP) 180016
Beauty Care Specialist (DEP & ASP) 180017
Boulangerie (Bread Making) (DEP) 7958
Computing Support (DEP) 180016
Culinary Arts Specialist (DEP & ASP) 199518
Dental Assistance (DEP) 150014
Electrolysis (ASP) 4504
Food & Beverage Services (DEP) 9609 – 10
General Building Maintenance (DEP) 9009
Hairdressing (DEP) 145510
Health, Assistance and Nursing Care (DEP) 180022
Home Care Assistance (DEP) 9759
Installation & Repair of Telecommunication Equipment (DEP) 180016
Interior Decoration and Display (DEP) 180016
Market Fresh Cuisine (ASP) 5258
Medical Secretary (ASP) 4504
Medical Office Specialist (DEP & ASP) 193518
Pastry Making (DEP) 135012 – 15
Pharmacy Technical Assistance (DEP) 123010
Plumbing and Heating (DEP) 168016
Professional Cooking (DEP) 147010
Residential and Commercial Drafting (DEP) 180016
Retail Butchery (DEP) 9008
Sommellerie (Wine Tasting) (ASP) 4507
Starting a Business (ASP) 3306
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